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The Four Directions Native Art and Crafts Gallery
Our Products
Our Products
Paintings - J. Gordon Fiddler
Paintings - Blair Debassige
Paintings - Norval Morrisseau
Paintings - Wayne Trudeau
Paintings - Tim Trudeau
Paintings - Stanley Panamick
Paintings - Leland Bell
Paintings - Various
Antler Sculpture
Spirit Candles
Stones & Crystals
Incense & Essential Oils
Our Policies
Contact Us
Our Location
On this page we will list all of the product categories we offer. Please check in often because we will frequently update the product pages with new items.
Original Paintings
Limited Edition Paintings
Spirit Candles "Fire in Water"
Medicine Wheels
Painted Shields
Stones & Crystals
Leather Medicine Pouches
Beadwork Jewelry
Silver & Turquoise Jewelry
Antler Sculpture
Porcupine Quill boxes
Contemporary Clothing
Incense & Essential Oils
Rugs & Wall-hangings
Craft Workshops
and many other unique gifts!

The Four Directions * P.O. Box 291, 315 Orell Street * Garson, Ontario * Canada * P3L 1S6
1-705-693-3809 fax: 1-705-693-9630

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